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Why take a logbook loan as opposed to the other loans

Know your loan limit today

To know the amount of loan that you qualify for, it is recommended that you submit the vehicle make and model of your car. A free quote will then be generated with how much you qualify for. With the quote, you can go ahead and apply for the loan.

How to go about applying for the loan

To apply for the loan, you need

  • Your driving license
  • To present your vehicle for inspection
  • To show that you are in a position to repay the loan by having a source of income
  • You need to provide your logbook
  • A color passport size photo
  • Your identification documents

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Why take a loan with Logbook Loan Credit

At Logbook Loan Credit, we promise you that you will be smiling all the way .

  • Our new online portal has also been designed to ensure that we expeditiously handle the loan applications.
  • Our extensive network of field representative ensures that we meet with you in just minutes once your application has been approved.
  • Being CTA registered, we ensure that we follow the code of conducts stipulated therein.
  • Our certification with quality control ensures that our business processes and systems are of very high quality to serve you better.


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